Friday, 28 June 2019

How Creative Writing Made Me a Better Blogger

Like every aspiring child writer, 내국인 카지노 I grew up believing I’d be the next great American novelist.

I had dreams of sitting out on the balcony of my beach house, effortlessly composing the next bestseller, taking the occasional break to read letters from fans and devoted readers. Oh, how adorably clueless I was.

As I got older, 네임드 해킹 프로그램 family and friends showed their support for my chosen career path by buying me countless books on writing.

Ironically, their innocent encouragement soon became the source of my disillusionment.The books were full of horror stories, caveats, and warnings on how the odds of becoming a published author were not in my favor.

I felt destined to fail
In college, 넷마블 포커 머니 거래 I took countless creative writing classes, only to hear the same thing from my professors. Although my teachers were all talented wordsmiths, they were all “failed” writers themselves.

My vision of life as a bohemian poet living on the beach was fading fast. The future did not look promising.

Slowly but surely, I gave up.

Blogging is for babies
I know it sounds impossible, 대만 카지노 but I didn’t even hear about blogging — much less blogging for pay — until after I graduated from college.

The “elite” world of creative writing viewed blogging as a desperate author’s low-rent attempt to attract an audience.

Snarky remarks from classmates about the dire consequences of democratizing the publishing process kept me away from blogging. I was resigned to filling notebooks in solitude with my “sub-par” writing.